Month: June 2018

Pediatric zirconia crowns now have an ADA billing code! (D2929)

Sprig has been working along with the AAPD to obtain a specific code applicable to our pediatric zirconia crowns. We are proud to announce that the ADA has issued a new code: D2929. Specifically designated as a prefabricated porcelain/ceramic crown–primary tooth. We hope this new code will clarify your billing options and assist your office… Read more »

EZ-Pedo Esthetic, Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Crowns for Children Now Available Worldwide as a Non-Toxic, Biocompatible Solution

LOOMIS, Calif.–Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc. (formerly EZ Pedo, Inc.), the world’s first developer and manufacturer of esthetic Zirconia crowns for children, announced today that the firm’s complete line of prefabricated crowns (EZCrowns) for all 20 baby teeth is now available globally by prescription to pediatric and other licensed dentists through an online ordering system…. Read more »

A parent’s guide to good oral health.

Tips to prevent tooth decay and the need for pediatric crowns. From infancy, children face an environmental and dietary up-hill battle. Young parents are often undereducated when it comes to safeguarding their children’s dental health. Babies falling asleep in strollers or cribs with milk bottles in their hands, introducing Coca-Cola and other soft drinks to… Read more »

Our promise you.

What we can promise you: No more compromise Sprig makes a metal-free esthetic crown (EZCrown) like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Our crowns will give you results like you have never seen before. We pioneered the pediatric Zirconia crown and continue to lead the market and set the standard for pediatric dentists everywhere. Crowns designed… Read more »