Month: January 2019

Meet Autumn.

Meet Autumn. 1

Many of you have come to recognize Autumn’s smile. Surrounded by beautiful blue and purple flowers, she has become the “cover girl” for most of…

On the Cutting Edge

On the Cutting Edge 4

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, (UNLV) School of Dental Medicine Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry is an innovative residency program that prides itself on…

Are You Missing The Boat?

Missing The Boat Article Thumbnail

Nothing can be more frustrating for a mom than experiencing a difficult time finding a dentist that will listen to her desires for her child….

When it Becomes Personal.

When it Becomes Personal. 6

Being a mom has led me to become a better pediatric dentist. Before I had kids, dentistry was so black and white. I knew exactly…