Are You Missing The Boat?

Today’s modern parents are interested in esthetics and are willing to go the extra mile to find an office that will provide it.

Nothing can be more frustrating for a mom than experiencing a difficult time finding a dentist that will listen to her desires for her child. This exasperation is exactly what I experienced back in May when I was looking for a pediatric dentist that would place white crowns on my 3-year-old son, Angelo.

I was first referred to a pediatric dentist that told me he did not recommend white crowns. This was due to the fact that young children tend to grind their teeth, which might, in his opinion, cause the crowns to crack. He wanted to use silver crowns. This was not the answer I wanted to hear. I absolutely did not want my son to have silver crowns! Silver crowns were outdated in my opinion, especially with how much dental technology has advanced in today’s world. I did not want my son to have a mouth full of silver. I stubbornly expressed my interest in white crowns and even offered to pay the difference of what my insurance wouldn’t cover. But this dentist kept referring to the common practice of using his old standard— silver crowns. Even the dental hygienist continued on about not recommending white crowns.

Are You Missing The Boat? 1

As I thought of my son, I did not want the rest of the world knowing that, because of my failure to supervise his oral hygiene, he was now going to need multiple crowns. Silver crowns would make this obvious and I didn’t want this fact advertised, especially when his beautiful smile would never look the same, at least not until his adult teeth came in.
I unhappily booked the appointment for his surgery and ended up leaving that first office with no information on a white crown option. Completely disappointed, I didn’t feel they were listening to me at all.

Even though I had already booked an appointment with the first dentist, I continued looking for other dentists who would give me more options. About a week later, I contacted another pediatric dentist who, unfortunately, also refused to recommend white crowns. None of the dentists were willing to offer me an alternative option to silver crowns.

Finally, I had the good fortune to contact Rocklin Pediatric Dentistry. They gave me great information about EZCrowns and explained how affordable they are. I was so excited that someone was finally giving me the information I needed to make an informed decision.

I first received brief information about the crowns over the phone. Prompted by the office staff, I also did additional research on the Sprig Web site. The information I was able to obtain won me over. I learned that EZCrowns are “virtually indestructible” and that they “look like natural teeth.” This is exactly what I was looking for. I was delighted to make the call and set up an appointment for my son to see Dr. Jessi.

It’s now a month later, and my son’s teeth look amazing! Thank you to Dr. Jessi and her amazing staff at Rocklin Pediatric Dentistry. And thank you to Dr. Fisher who provided the anesthesia for the surgery and who, with Dr. Hansen, created the incredible esthetic white crowns used to restore Angelo’s beautiful smile.