Douglas’ Story

A true smile testimony

Douglas can once again step into the spotlight and shine his bright smile, for all the kids to see.


Dr. Andi Igowsky Pediatric Dentist

“He presented as a new patient to our office in March of 2016 at the age of 3. He had interproximal decay on all of the posterior teeth and in between #E and #F. He was treated via in office sedation in May of 2016 where I did composites on the molars and EZ crowns on #E and #F. He is always smiling and has the biggest dimples, so I wanted to make sure that the treatment I provided only enhanced his gorgeous smile! He did not have decay on the laterals so there is always a concern of whether or not the crowns will match the adjacent teeth. Well, the Sprig crowns match perfectly and no one can ever tell that he has crowns on his 2 front teeth. “

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Dr. Andi Igowsky