EZ-Pedo Esthetic, Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Crowns for Children Now Available Worldwide as a Non-Toxic, Biocompatible Solution

LOOMIS, Calif.–Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc. (formerly EZ Pedo, Inc.), the world’s first developer and manufacturer of esthetic Zirconia crowns for children, announced today that the firm’s complete line of prefabricated crowns (EZCrowns) for all 20 baby teeth is now available globally by prescription to pediatric and other licensed dentists through an online ordering system.

Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc. (formerly EZ Pedo) co-founders, Jeffrey P. Fisher, DDS, and John P. Hansen, DDS, brought to market the dental industry’s first non-toxic, metal-free Zirconia crowns for children in 2008 – the first breakthrough in crown technology since the introduction of stainless steel crowns 50 years ago. Zirconia is a certified biocompatible ceramic specifically designed for medical use.

“Metal teeth are not esthetically pleasing. Stainless steel crowns contain nickel as a hardening agent, and subsequent advances in pre-veneered esthetic crowns continue to add nickel,” said Doctor Fisher. “However, nickel can produce toxic side effects, such as localized tissue irritation, and can trigger metal allergies in some patients. Our crowns are made using durable 100% Zirconia, one of the strongest ceramics on earth. They are natural-looking, can be tinted to match teeth color, have a realistic translucent quality, and come with normal tooth contours.”

Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc. (formerly EZ Pedo) was the first company to market this revolutionary product in the U.S. and Europe with both CE (European Commission Enterprise) and ISO compliance for the marketing of Zirconia pediatric crowns. A valid CE marking indicates that Sprig (formerly EZ Pedo) products have been certified to the standard MDD 93/42 EEC Medical Device Directive. Sprig (formerly EZ Pedo) crowns also comply with ISO 13485:003 guidelines, certified by SNCH of Luxembourg, for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

“Our crowns are the result of four years of research, lab tests and field trials and are currently being used by more than 450 dentists,” said Dr. Hansen. “We are ramping up production in 2012 to make them available worldwide. Sprig (formerly EZ Pedo) also provides dentists with training materials and video instruction on how to effectively apply Zirconia crowns. Parents and dentists agree that this is the best esthetic choice on the market today.”

For more information about Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc (formerly EZ Pedo), online ordering, and the company’s complete line of Zirconia crowns for children go to sprigusa.com or call 888-539-7336 toll-free.