Pediatric Zirconia crowns might be easier than you think.

An Honest QUESTION? Are you truly satisfied with your current Zirconia crown? If not, now might be the time to discover why so many dentists are talking about Sprig.
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There’s a reason
Sprig’s EZCrowns are
so easy to use.
In fact there’s 4.
Design Contours Flat-Fit™ Engineered to be easier to seat
and require less tooth reduction.
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As amazing as Zirconia is, it doesn’t flex. This characteristic inflexibility often presents a challenge during seating. Flat-Fit contours (available exclusively from Sprig) bring you the best of both worlds—a crown with just enough contour to offer beautiful esthetics and optimal tissue health while permitting a passive fit and requiring less tooth removal during crown preparation.

Modified Occlusal Profile.
EZCrown contours are modified to require far less occlusal tooth removal. Thus, flattened occlusal anatomy minimizes excursive interferences and (with less tooth reduction required) decreases the possibility of pulpal involvement.

Relaxed Undercuts.
The larger a crown’s opening, the easier it is to seat; but that “baggy fit” also compromises gum tissue health. The more undercuts a crown has, the better the emergence profile; but the crown will be more difficult to seat. Flat-Fit contours offer the perfect balance between “ease-of-seat” and “ideal emergence profile,” making EZCrowns the easiest crowns to use, hands down.

Because it all starts with the right shape.

Patented Retention Zir-Lock® The world’s first pediatric Zirconia
crown is also the most retentive.
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Creating a dramatic increase to EZCrowns’ internal surface area and providing mechanical undercuts that lock the crowns in place no matter what type of cement you chose, Zir-Lock® is exclusively available with Sprig EZCrowns and is the key to maximizing crown retention and ensuring the best long-term clinical success.

Precision-milled Retention Grooves.
Zir-Lock® patented retention technology delivers macro and micro undercuts milled into all internal surfaces of an EZCrown. And that means twice the bonding surface area so you can be confident that your crown will lock into place and never come off. The key factor that guarantees retention isn’t what cement you use, it’s what crown you choose. And when that crown is an EZCrown, you have nothing to worry about.

Thoughtfully-designed Margin-Lock™
Designed with a purpose from the very beginning, Zir-Lock® patented retention grooves extend all the way to your crown’s margin. These mechanical features act like a perforated card, causing cement to break free at the margin during cleanup—ensuring an intact cement margin and thus minimizing microleakage. This feature locks out harmful bacteria at the most vulnerable access point, giving you peace of mind whenever you place an EZCrown.

How important is retention to you?

Modified Shape Space-Loss™ Think of them as your “Howe pliers”
for pediatric Zirconia crowns.
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We’re all familiar with how SSCs need to be modified. This is easy to do, and we do it every day with our Howe pliers. However, because Zirconia is not crimpable, Sprig’s Space-Loss EZCrowns are uniquely “pre-squished.” Whether used as individual units, or in concert with each other, our cuspid, first molar, and second molar Space-Loss EZCrowns deliver exactly what you need—a predictable solution for the everyday challenge of space loss.

Pre-squished and Ready to Use.
Sprig’s Space-Loss EZCrowns help you restore even the most challenging cases. With wider bucco-lingual and narrower mesio-distal dimensions, Space-Loss EZCrowns allow you to restore crowded cases faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Think of Them as Your Howe Pliers.
With 30 sizes to choose from in cuspids, first molars, and second molars, there’s an EZCrown designed perfectly for you so you can restore just about anything. Sprig’s Space-Loss collection will give you a new confidence you've never experienced before.

We “squished” them for you.

Natural Finish Polychromatic Hand-finished details that make
EZCrowns look so realistic.
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Artisan-applied stain on the gingival third of Sprig’s EZCrowns mimics the natural appearance of surrounding teeth. Highly polished functioning surfaces reduce the wear rate on opposing dentition. Glaze and polish—working together synergistically as key components of our polychromatic finish—create a crown with a surface that reflects the perfect blend of nearly flawless visual esthetics and durable occlusal function.

Glazed Esthetic Zone for Maximum Esthetics.
The gingival third of every Sprig EZCrown is hand-colored with special German stains to ensure they look as natural as a live tooth. This added area of color helps EZCrowns blend seamlessly with surrounding dentition, making them look more realistic than any other pediatric crown. Ever.

Mirror-polished Zirconia for Ultra-low Wear.
Highly polished functioning surfaces dramatically reduce the wear rate on opposing dentition, safeguarding the integrity of EZCrowns and ensuring their ability to perform flawlessly while maximizing their durability.

EZCrowns are truly in a class of their own.

The Honest ANSWER. At Sprig, we don't offer any gimmicks or half-truths to get your business. Just honest solutions to your biggest clinical challenges. Over the last ten years, one thing has never changed—our commitment to you. Discover the difference EZCrowns can make in your practice by letting us prove it to you. Ask us about our trade-in program today.
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