Using biocompatible zirconia and patented design features, Sprig’s pediatric zirconia crowns are manufactured to look and function just like natural teeth.

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Crown Features


This feature offers our crowns the perfect amount of contour for a natural shape, as well as allows for less tooth removal during crown preparation.

Modified Occlusal Profile

EZCrown contours are modified to require far less occlusal tooth removal. Flattened occlusal anatomy minimizes excursive interferences and with the advantage of needing less reduction, pulpal involvement is far less likely.

Relaxed Undercuts

The larger a crown’s opening, the easier it is to seat; but that “baggy fit” also compromises gum tissue health. The more undercuts a crown has, the better the emergence profile; but the crown will be more difficult to seat. Flat-Fit contours offer the perfect balance between “ease-of- seat” and ideal emergence profile.” Making EZCrowns the easiest crowns to use hands down.


Creating a dramatic increase to EZCrowns’ internal surface area and providing mechanical undercuts that lock the crowns in place no matter what type of cement you chose, Zir-Lock® is exclusively available with Sprig EZCrowns and is the key to maximizing crown retention and ensuring the best long-term clinical success.

Precision-milled Retention Grooves

Zir-Lock® patented, retention technology delivers macro and micro undercuts milled into all internal surfaces of an EZCrown. And that means twice the bonding surface area so you can be confident that your crown will lock into place and never come off.


Designed with a purpose from the very beginning, Zir-Lock® patented, retention grooves extend all the way to the crown’s margin, preventing cement washout and microleakage. This locks out harmful bacteria where it’s needed most, giving you peace of mind whenever you place an EZCrown.


Our Space-Loss crowns can provide the additional space you need when placing back-to-back crowns or in crowded cases. The mesial-distal dimensions are reduced .5mm on each side, giving you up to a full 1mm of space on either side for seating while retaining the normal buccal-lingual parking space.

Pre-squished and ready to use

We knew that back-to-back crowns, complicated by space loss, would inevitably be an challenge when we introduced the world to the first pediatric Zirconia crown back in 2008. Sprig’s space-loss EZCrowns help you restore even the most challenging cases. With wider bucco-lingual and narrower mesio-distal dimensions, space-loss EZCrowns allow you to restore crowded cases faster and easier then you ever imagined.

Think of them as your Howe pliers

With 30 sizes to choose from in cuspids, first molars, and second molars, there’s an EZCrown designed perfectly for you so you can restore just about anything. Think of Sprig’s space-loss collection as your Howe pliers for Zirconia, allowing you to restore even the most complicated cases with ease, and giving you a new confidence that you have never had before.

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