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Made from naturally occurring Zirconia, Sprig’s EZCrowns emulate the look of real teeth while eliminating clinical frustrations.

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The First and Still the Best.
Now, backed by science.

Since we invented the first pediatric Zirconia crown, we’ve continuously evolved our products to ensure they remain the best looking, the longest lasting, and the easiest to use in the industry. Now science is beginning to emerge to validate what our users have always known to be true.  Not all Zirconia crowns are created equal. It’s the smallest details that create the biggest advantages to conquer real world clinical challenges. Made with biocompatible Zirconia, our crowns were designed for dentists by dentists to conquer real world clinical challenges. From our patented Zir-Lock retention technology to our Flat Fit solution for space loss, we’re always adding new features that will please dentists, patients—and their parents. Together with our use of both computer-aided and hand-finished design, these features continue to make our crowns the go-to choice for dentists nationwide.

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Zir-Lock Ultra

Create Lasting Bonds

Subgingival preparation creates tissue trauma and bleeding that’s nearly impossible to completely isolate prior to cementation. Blood, moisture and debris reduce the adhesive power of resin-based cements. That’s why many dentists use GI cements, which have the longest record of success in pediatrics. Our Zir-Lock technology uses mechanical retention, creating the strongest bond to GI cement of any brand—all without annoying try in crowns.

Flat Fit

Make Seating Simple

Stainless steel crowns often require interproximal adaptation to fit side by side and in space loss scenarios. Unlike steel, Zirconia crowns can’t be adapted.  Not to worry, only EZCrowns with our Flat Fit interproximal contours make side by side placement with Zirconia now a clinical reality. Flat fit occlusal contours save on average .2mm of reduction compared to other brands greatly reducing the risk of pulp exposure and ensuring that your crowns will not be high after placement.  Whether placing a single crown or 20, EZCrowns are your go-to crown for simplicity and performance.

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