Photo of Jedidiah's

Jedidiah's Story

"He had five total crowns on his top teeth and the option was we could pull them but that could delay the new ones coming in or that could, you know, hinder his self-esteem and his smile for several years. And then we were presented with the crowns and we opted for the crowns because we don’t want him to miss out, we don’t want him to feel scared about his teeth. So we opted for the crowns and they look great."

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Dentistry by
Shane Moore, DDS

Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Texas


Photo of Carmella's with EZCRown Zirconia Crowns

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Photo of Salenix's with EZCRown Zirconia Crowns

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Photo of Jedidiah's with EZCRown Zirconia Crowns

Jedidiah's Story

Photo of Aria's with EZCRown Zirconia Crowns

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