Noah’s New Zirconia Crowns

I’m so happy my teeth will look this great for picture day!

Noah's New Zirconia Crowns 1

When the dentist told us that Noah would need anesthesia for his upcoming dental work, I immediately started to worry. A few years earlier, we had a bad anesthesia experience with one of our other children who needed anesthesia during a procedure to insert ear tubes required due to his chronic ear infections. Ever since that experience, I had been very leery of anesthesia. 

Now, when faced with the thought that we would have to have our little 5-year-old put under for his dental work, I felt a lot of anxiety. The wonderful ladies at Magic Smiles assured me that Noah would be in great hands, and that Dr. Fisher was the best-of-the-best at providing anesthesia.  

On the morning of the procedure, I dropped our older two boys off at school and came over to the dental office with Noah. Once I was in the waiting room, a bad case of “nerves” hit me. I could feel a lump rise in my throat. Dr. Fisher came out to greet Noah, and I was immediately impressed by his calm demeanor and ability to engage Noah in conversation so easily after having just met him for the first time. Dr. Fisher answered the few questions I had with such care and concern that I instantly felt my nervousness melt away.  

After the procedure, I was expecting to see a groggy and uncomfortable little boy walk out. Instead, Noah was as happy as could be and even asked Dr. Fisher for a hug! I was grateful that Noah’s recovery was so easy. He just rested for a few hours and watched a movie when we got home. Later that evening, Noah was back to his normal, energetic self. The whole process from start to finish couldn’t have run any more smoothly.  

Noah was thrilled to get his two front teeth fixed just in time for picture day at school.  

It melted my heart when he smiled in the mirror and saw his teeth. He exclaimed, “I’m so happy my teeth will look this great for picture day!” Noah’s teeth look fantastic, and often I find him smiling into the mirror checking out his front teeth with such pride. 

We couldn’t have been happier with Dr. Fisher’s kindness, attention to detail, and follow-up after Noah’s treatment. We felt extremely blessed to have had such a positive experience with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Datwyler from Magic Smiles.