Our promise you.

June 28, 2018

A Sprigs pediatric crown (EZCrown) drawing.


What we can promise you:

No more compromise

Sprig makes a metal-free esthetic crown (EZCrown) like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
Our crowns will give you results like you have never seen before. We pioneered the pediatric Zirconia crown and continue to lead the market and set the standard for pediatric dentists everywhere.

Crowns designed to make you smile

For so long, it’s either been durability without esthetics or esthetics without durability.
Sprig pioneered a healthier choice with esthetics that rival nature and durability guaranteed to lasts.

A crown parents love

There are so many reasons to love Sprig zirconia crowns. They’re the perfect blend of esthetics, strength, and biocompatibility and are changing the way dentists and concerned parents view traditional dental treatment.

That was then. This is now

We believe the results of pediatric dentistry look best when they’re invisible… when dental restorations blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth and the use of high-quality, biocompatible materials become the standard of care. EZ-Pedo introduced the world to Zirconia crowns for children, and we’ve changed everything for the better.

No more unsightly metal.

Sprig pediatric zirconia crowns were the first pediatric crowns to be made entirely of monolithic Zirconium Oxide. This material is not only metal-free but is also certified biocompatible, extremely esthetic, and is the most durable material used in dentistry today. We didn’t invent pediatric crowns, we just made them prettier.

The world’s most technologically advanced pediatric dental crowns.

Let’s face it… kids are hard on their teeth. That’s why our pediatric crowns are loaded with innovative technology that helps them perform at a level that matches how well they look. With the industry’s only patented breakthrough in retention, every sprigs zirconia pediatric crown has deep internal retention grooves that not only locks bacteria out but guarantees our pediatric crowns will never come off.

Proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.

Sometimes it’s nice to know where your product comes from. Sprig is proud to be an all-American company that values old-fashioned quality, values, and service.