Raise Your Case Acceptance Rate with Your Virtual Consult 

When working with Your Virtual Consult case acceptance jumps to 89%, on average.

Raise Your Case Acceptance Rate with Your Virtual Consult  1

In this episode of the podcast, host Dr. Jarod Johnson discusses teledentistry, how to generate leads, and case acceptance with Tom Brown. Brown is a partner and VP of Sales for Your Virtual Consult. He grew up in Chicagoland as #8 of 10 kids. Not surprisingly, he loved all team sports, especially football, baseball, and still plays volleyball competitively. He started in the dental industry 9 years ago, always with a focus on helping doctors and patients connect. Your Virtual Consult takes that connection to a deeper level.  

Your Virtual Consult transforms the doctor patient relationship from an event in the office to a relationship that begins when they first find you online. This platform helps doctors not only create appointments but also connects the patient with the doctor at a level that builds trust. The patient goes through a simple process of sharing their photo, telling their story, and hearing back from the doctor through a personalized video. These steps allow the patient to get to know the doctor, become familiar with the treatment, and relieve any fears they have when they come into the office.  

Your Virtual Consult also has real time (synchronous) consults otherwise known as teledentistry. The synchronous model allows the patient and doctor to join a video call where the doctor can assess the patient’s needs. Host Dr. Jarod Johnson notes that teledentistry is great to show parents before and after photos of EZCrowns, as well as take care of emergency cases. In fact, you can upload before and after case photos to a case folder on the Your Virtual Consult platform.  

According to the ADA, case acceptance is around 41%, when working with Your Virtual Consult it jumps to 89% on average. This is because rather than seeing the patient for the first time when explaining the work that needs to be done, you’ve seen them for the third or fourth time. You can schedule a live meeting via video meeting, saving you a lot of money and chair time. You also can show case work/case examples so that it resonates with the parent.  

Your Virtual Consult is integrated with Stripe so if you’re already using that for your billing, you’re good to go! Make sure to use both billing codes. Use both the clinical code and the a/synchronous code, which is D9995 or the asynchronous code, D9996. You’ll be sending two codes to the insurance company to get paid.  

Guest Tom Brown describes that video consults are a no-brainer. It is convenient for anyone who prefers to go online and use their smart devices. Having Your Virtual Consult is a huge competitive advantage for practices because the dental industry is constantly changing, especially with COVID. This has forced dental technology to jump several years forward, and Your Virtual Consult is ahead of the curve.  Just think of a patient who is coming in for the first time. They might be nervous and be fearful of the dentist but after a Your Virtual Consult experience, they will know exactly what to expect and be prepared to move forward with the doctor’s recommendation. Again, this will raise your case acceptance rate significantly!  

Setting Up Your Virtual Consult 

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