Re-ordering tips for EZCrowns

Learn to reorder zirconia crowns accurately, and efficiently.

Re-ordering tips for EZCrowns 1

Tips: When reordering EZCrowns, it is important to be prepared for any case. With these tips, we can help get you prepared for any case

  1. Keep at least 2 each of the more commonly used sizes
  2. Anterior- Sizes 2, 3, and 4
  3. Posterior- Sizes 3, 4, and 5
  4. Keep at least one of all other sizes
  5. To ensure you have crowns available for any case, place a re-order when you are down to one crown of any size
  6. Look ahead at your upcoming schedule and stock enough crowns for those cases
  7. Sprig has storage trays available for Anterior, Mandibular (Posterior), and Maxillary (Posterior) crowns. If you don’t already have trays, please contact us at and we will send you your first one complimentary.
  8. If you do take your crowns to an OR or multiple offices, we recommend having two sets of trays for storage and transportation.
  9. Under your account in the online store, you are able to add multiple shipping addresses for different office locations and store them for your next purchases.
  10. You can view your order history on your online account as well.
  11. Shipping times vary based upon location and if the order is expedited. For more accurate times, please contact customer care.
  12. For any other ordering questions please contact our customer care team at 916-677-1447 or