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Our pediatric MTA is made from biologic materials and sets in minutes, not hours.

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The Fast Setting SmartMTA

Sprig’s fast set MTA is perfectly suited for pediatric dentistry. Our MTA sets in only two and a half minutes (at least 5x faster than the other brands), so you can place, prep and restore in the same visit. Because our MTA does not washout, the extra step of a protective liner is not necessary and can be used as a base, pulp cap, or vital pulpotomy on both primary and permanent teeth. At Sprig, we believe that our next generation deserves safe, natural products. Made from non-toxic, biologic ingredients and no heavy metals, giving dentists and parents a smarter choice.


Impermeable barrier

More Natural Ingredients for More Natural Smiles

SmartMTA combines ultra fine hydrophilic particles and hydraulic calcium Zirconia to form an impermeable barrier that defends against bacteria. Best of all, our product uses innovative bioceramic materials for regeneration and biomineralization, and is ideal for both primary and permanent teeth. This unique formulation means that SmartMTA contains no Portland cement, which is known to contain trace amounts of heavy metals.

Common Q's



How do I “mix” SmartMTA?

In a small area on a glass slab or mixing pad, simply wet the powder by gently incorporating the powder into the liquid until all the powder has been hydrated, approximately 30-45 seconds.  The “mix” should appear shiny. DO NOT OVERMIX SmartMTA.


How do I place SmartMTA?

Once the “mix” loses its shine, immediately place in an amalgam carrier or suitable alternative and place at the operative site.


After placing SmartMTA, how long do I have to wait before proceeding with the restorative procedure?

Setting time is 150 seconds and, because there is no washout, the restorative procedure can begin immediately after.


How much liquid do I use with 1 vial of SmartMTA?  

2 free-flowing drops.


What factors may affect setting time?  

The amount of water will modify the setting time. More water will slow the set and less water will speed the set. It is important to dispense 2 free-flowing drops of SmartMTA every time for consistent results.  


How many teeth can be treated with 1 vial of SmartMTA?

Normally, 1 vial (.2g) is enough for 2 pulpotomies on first molars or one larger second molar.  


What accessories do I need to apply the SmartMTA?

An amalgam carrier will easily place the material at the operative site. We recommend using a glass slab, however a paper cement mixing pad is a disposable alternative.  


If using as a base or pulp cap, do I need to cover SmartMTA with another base material?

Only if using a composite resin restorative material. In this situation, a LC RMGI such as Vitrebond or Limelight may be used. GI containing (RMGI or pure GI) restorative materials can be placed directly over Smart MTA.  


Can I mix with local anesthetic?

Yes, local anesthetic can be used in lieu of the distilled water. However, since two drops of liquid is the perfect amount to wet the powder, it may be difficult to dispense the same amount of local anesthetic consistently.  


Can I use a metal spatula to mix SmartMTA?

No. A plastic spatula is recommended.  


How do I achieve hemostasis prior to placing SmartMTA?  

HemeRX pellets may be used or Sodium Hypochlorite.