Sprig Oral Health Technologies Appoints Brenda Hansen CEO

August 21, 2017

A portrait of Brenda Hansen. The new CEO of Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc.
Brenda Hansen, CEO of Sprig Oral Health Technologies, Inc. (Photograph by: Daniel Vakaryuk)


Loomis, CASprig Oral Health Technologies (Sprig), the dental products company that invented and produces pediatric Zirconia crowns, recently named Brenda Hansen as its new CEO. Before becoming Sprig’s CEO, Hansen was the executive director of Sprig’s former brand, EZPEDO, where she led the company’s operations, business development initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Hansen’s appointment is the result of her strong management, tenacity and commitment to Sprig’s mission over the years — bringing innovation to pediatric dentistry to deliver safer and healthier options for patients, parents and dentists.

“Our board unanimously approved Brenda Hansen’s appointment as Sprig’s CEO,” said Sprig Co-Founder Dr. Jeffrey Fisher. “As Sprig enters a new chapter of opportunity, Brenda will bring the focus necessary to expand our market presence, advance our brand and promote biocompatible product development in pediatric dentistry. Brenda’s track record in facilitating the development and sale of the first Zirconia pediatric crowns is impressive. Brenda truly brings the leadership skills, business acumen and values we believe are needed to achieve our lofty growth goals. With Brenda at the helm, we believe Sprig’s future is as promising as ever.”

Under Hansen’s leadership as Executive Director, Sprig increased sales by 71% from 2014 to 2016. In early 2017, the company also received the Export Achievement Certificate from the United States Department of Commerce for accomplishments in the global marketplace.

“I am grateful and honored by the opportunity to lead this remarkable company, and appreciate the confidence the board has shown in me,” said Hansen. “Working at the cutting edge of innovation and change to benefit children across the world is exciting, and I’m confident that our experienced and talented team of experts will continue to deliver the best oral health technology on the market.”

She continued, “As we move forward, we will drive innovation through continuous investment in people, ideas, processes and technologies.”

Born in Denver, as the youngest of five children and raised in Sacramento, Calif. by parents who instilled in her the importance of working diligently for a worthwhile cause, Hansen graduated from California State University-Sacramento with a Bachelor of Applied Science in strategic management and began an unconventional path to the oral health technology industry.

After seeing her 3-year-old son, John Paul, endure the painful process of receiving dental crowns after cracking his front four teeth, Hansen became motivated to find a better pediatric dental crown option, not only for her son but for all young patients. With experience managing an adult boutique cosmetic and restorative dental practice, Hansen worked with dental anesthesiologist Dr. Jeffrey Fisher and her husband and dentist, Dr. John Hansen, to spur the invention of a Zirconia crown for children, the EZCrown — an aesthetically superior, biocompatible pediatric dental crown. From this invention, the company EZPEDO, now Sprig, was established.

“Starting a successful business from the ground up is not a small accomplishment. Brenda shepherded us through the ups and downs and we believe it’s more than fitting for her to assume the role of CEO and continue to grow the company.” said Sprig Co-Founder Dr. John Hansen.

About Sprig Oral Health Technologies

Sprig is pediatric dentistry’s leading technology and clinical education company. Since creating the first pediatric Zirconia crown, Sprig has continued to develop new and better solutions, from patented crown design that maximizes mechanical retention to a custom bur system that optimizes seating. Sprig leads the way in professional education through Sprig University, a celebrated continuing education program that teaches proprietary prep and seating techniques to help reduce chair time, alleviate clinical frustrations and grow dental practices. Sprig is constantly pushing the boundaries of pediatric dental innovation to ensure the next generation has next-generation care. Learn more here.

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