Past Continuing Education Offerings (2018)

November 5, 2018


June CE: 29 Month Follow Up of a Pediatric Zirconia Crown (1 CEU)

July CE: Using Buffered Anesthesia and Injection Techniques (2 CEU)

August CE: Guided PowerPoint- Mini Pearls, Office Efficiency, Find your why.

September CE: The Biomaterials of Zirconia Crowns and The Design of Sprig EZCrowns (1 CEU)

October CE: Clinical Use of Pediatric Zirconia Crowns (1 CEU)

November CE: Clinical Evaluation and Parental Satisfaction with Pediatric Zirconia Anterior Crowns (1 CEU)

December CE: Prefabricated Zirconia Crown Clinical Technique Consideration (2 CEU)