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What is Sprig University?

The Essential Zirconia Crown Workshop

Crowns are an important part of our work as pediatric dentists. Unfortunately, dentists sometimes struggle to increase speed, manage over reduction, address multi-unit cases, and minimize trauma to the tissue during preparation. When it comes to pediatric Zirconia crowns, we know more than most. After all, we invented them—and continue to improve our products and set new standards for the industry. We developed our celebrated clinical education workshop, Sprig University, to share our knowledge and help dentists address the real clinical challenges they face in practice.

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Immerse yourself.

Sprig University workshops are held at destination hotels around the country so participants can learn and relax. Taught by a faculty of practicing dentists who are clinical experts. Our workshops help dental professionals master the preparation and placement of pediatric Zirconia crowns, connect with new colleagues, learn new patient communication and marketing techniques that can help you grow your practice.

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From Student to Expert

It all starts with our hands-on workshop.

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Plan Your Trip

With locations around the globe, choose a destination near you or plan a vacation in connection with the workshop.

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Attend the Workshop

Our workshops are held in luxury hotels in amazing destinations where you can learn, relax, and network with colleagues.

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Apply the Knowledge

Take the hands-on experience from the workshop and apply it to the clinical situations you face in your daily practice.

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