Sprig - Pediatric Zirconia Crowns and Oral Health Technologies.
  • I love EZCrowns!!!! They are a practice builder for sure! I love sharing my cases with colleagues and the residents! Thanks, Sprig!

    Phyllis Merlino, DDS

    Staten Island, NY
  • In pediatric dentistry, time is a luxury. The right bur not only allows me to do a better prep, it makes me more efficient with my time. I love EZPrep Burs.

    Joelle Speed, DDS

    Roseville, CA
  • I will say that the EZCrown is one of the best new products that has come to pediatric dentistry in my 25+ years of working with children.

    Steve Fuson, DDS

    Germantown, TN


  • Because of SmartMTA's fast set-time, my patients get all the benefits of MTA for a variety of procedures on both primary and permanent teeth.

    Jarod Johnson, DDS

    Muscatine, IA
  • With these 'green pebbles' (HemeRx) as my staff affectionately calls them, my moisture control when seating my EZCrowns is amazing!

    Sean Cooper, DDS 

    Salem, OR
  • Sprig University was one of the best CE courses I have ever taken. It was a perfect mix of lecture and hands-on training. Thank you Sprig.

    Bret Packham, DDS

    Layton, UT
  • Our daughter's smile looks absolutely fantastic! We can't recommend Sprig enough. Their team was extremely helpful every step of the way and helped us find a dentist that was very familiar with their products. The owners of Sprig even participated in our daughter's procedure! We are ecstatic beyond words.



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Pediatric Dentistry Has Changed

Recent advances in innovation both in materials and techniques has finally brought pediatric dentistry to the forefront of oral health technology. Concerned parents now do not have to settle for unaesthetic nickel containing metal crowns or dental materials of questionable safety like formocresol. Health and confidence promoting options now exist that provide children and parents with a second chance.

Sprig Is...

Sprig is an oral health technology company fighting to bring the innovation that today’s patients and professionals demand to pediatric dentistry. We do this because the next generation deserves next-generation care.

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Trusted Worldwide

EZCrowns protect severely decayed teeth to masticatory forces better compared to SSC

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EZCrowns are backed by CLINICAL research

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Clinical Research

Extremely Durable

Twenty-nine-month follow-up of a paediatric zirconia dental crown

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