A powerful pediatric bur system.

Our EZPrep Pediatric Diamond Bur System is the only one designed for use with Zirconia crowns. Ensure a simple and easy fit – every time.


A Pediatric Bur System that makes all the difference.

When we invented the industry’s first pediatric Zirconia crown, we knew that none of the existing bur systems were suited for this new, revolutionary procedure. So, we invented one. Our EZPrep Pediatric Diamond Bur System is the only bur system specifically designed for fast and accurate Zirconia crown preparation. With a unique axial depth cutting feature that’s engineered to remove the correct amount of tooth structure rapidly and efficiently, our burs help you save valuable chair time and reduce the risk of hitting the pulp without trying to figure it out on your own.


Common Q's



Can your Burs and Bur Block be sterilized?

Yes – all of our burs, as well as the bur block bur holder, are steam autoclavable. You can clean them the same way that other instruments are sterilized at your facility.


I have concerns about hitting the pulp during prep – is it necessary and how can it be avoided?

Specifically, use the depth cut feature both for occlusal reduction which is 1.5mm (Bur #1) and axial depth cut which is .8mm (Bur #2). Watch your bur angulation. The common mistake is to over-taper. You want the bur parallel to the long axis of the tooth for anteriors or perpendicular to the occlusal surfaces for posteriors (More information on our Clinical Technique videos located here)


I purchased a Bur Block, but now I need replacement burs. Can I purchase burs individually?

You can purchase refills of any of our burs 1 through 5. We sell refills in packs of 5. Please log in to our shopping cart to see pricing as well as purchase.


You say your burs are part of a system – how does that work?

Each bur in our system has a specific purpose, and they are used in a specific order to prep the tooth. More information about each can be located in the Technique section of our website, however here is a brief explanation of each

  1. Bur #1 = Occlusal/Incisal Depth Cut. The thickness of this bur (1.5mm) is the reduction required
  2. Bur #2 = Axial Depth Cut. The thickness of this bur (~.8mm) is the reduction required to the gum line
  3. Bur #3 = Lingual Reduction (Anterior) = The thickness of this bur (~1.25mm) is the cingulum reduction required
  4. Bur #4 = Subgingival Axial Reduction. The taper on this bur helps you complete axial reduction subgingival (~2mm)
  5. Bur #5 = Crown Modification. This bur is used in the rare occasion the margin of a crown needs to be lightly modified

Should water be used while using your burs?

Yes – copious amounts of water should be used while prepping with our Burs.