Am I at Risk of Embezzlement Within My Dental Practice?

Leslie Butler discusses embezzlement in dental practices.

Am I at Risk of Embezzlement Within My Dental Practice? 1

Embezzlement is something no one expects will ever impact his or her practice. It is something that happens to others, right? Sadly, it happens to many dentists, usually by someone they trust the most. Embezzlement is not something that can be prevented 100 percent of the time, but at least you can take steps to help reduce the risk of someone embezzling from your practice. 

Preventive Tips 

Here are some precautionary actions you as a practice owner can adopt to help you avoid becoming the victim of embezzlement: 

1. Remember, only you should . . . 

2. Other safety precautions to take: 

Within my practice, I have implemented a system that incorporates each of these actions. The system does not guarantee that my practice will never be embezzled. However, I know that I have done my best and practiced due diligence in preventing embezzlement from occurring in the future. 

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