Dental Photography with Dr. Ataii

Dr. Ataii covers the four P's of Pediatric Dentistry including photography.

Dental Photography with Dr. Ataii 1

Dr. Payam Ataii 

Dr. Ataii is an award-winning dentist with his private practice in Laguna Hills, California. He is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with over 20 years of experience. He has been published in over 15 dental journal publications and featured in the news both locally in California and internationally. 

Four P’s of Pediatric Dentistry 

Dr. Ataii is going to be hosting a webinar with Sprig on Wednesday, December 9 at 5 p.m. PDT. Register here. He will be discussing the Four P’s of Pediatric Dentistry – Pretreatment, Photography, Prevention, and Parents more in depth. 

Pretreatment – Dr. Ataii brings in the patient with the parent. When they’re younger than five or six he gives them a slower version of what’s going to happen in the appointment. For example, he asks to take a photo of the child first because photos are easy. “Make a funny face!” Then he asks to see their teeth. Then he shows them the picture of their teeth (the before photo). He uses this as an educational tool for the parents, too. 

Photography – Seeing is believing. He went from SLR camera to a little digital camera because the SLR was too heavy, but the quality wasn’t as good. The EyeSpecial camera from Shofu changed the game because it’s lightweight, it can get wet, and everything is on a touch screen. Dr. Ataii says even the children can lift it and even if they drop it, it doesn’t break. The beauty of the optical zoom is that you can capture from any setting, in any lighting. He compares it to a smartphone with multiple flashes from the front and side of the camera. Dr. Ataii has been lecturing on the Shofu EyeSpecial camera for about five years. 

Prevention – Photography actually helps guide prevention. When you show a child a photo of their plaque it’s easier to explain to them about the “Sugar Bears” that are going to do damage to their teeth. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!  

Host Dr. Jarod Johnson notes that when you see a staining on the occlusal surface it’s an indication that the tooth could benefit from a sealant to prevent the progression of a cavity. The photos taken of each patient can be a huge help with identifying a future or current cavity. Dr. Ataii uses sealants with Giomer technology which is a single-step sealant. It contains Shofu’s proprietary surface prevention.  

Parents – Parents can sometimes be difficult. Dr. Ataii likes to explain to the parent what they saw in the child’s mouth and show them pictures. Then he asks what their expectations are. Do they want them to maintain? Do you want to come in every six months? Would they like to do more home care and education at home? They also direct parents to an app from 4Smile that rewards kids for brushing every day.