Why doesn’t Sprig make crowns for permanent (adult) molars?

Because it's simply not the right thing to do.

Why doesn’t Sprig make crowns for permanent (adult) molars? 1

EZCrowns are designed with the patient in mind. And that is still the case today. The answer to the above question is quite simple—it’s not the right thing to do for your patient.

The passive-fit preparation required to seat a prefabricated pediatric Zirconia crown extends subgingivally all the way to the CEJ. As a result, the amount of subgingival permanent tooth structure required to be removed will compromise your ability to create an adequate margin when attempting to seat a permanent restoration in the future.

Thus, we cannot recommend a temporary solution (good as it may be) that will jeopardize the longterm stability of permanent teeth. Would it work in the short term? Absolutely. But it would exact a price down the road, and that’s a risky path we’re unwilling to take.

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