Why EZCrowns?

Are you looking for a natural, healthy smile for your child? Look no further. EZCrowns are extremely esthetic and blend seamlessly with surrounding natural teeth. Each crown is glazed with a hint of natural color, making them very smooth, shiny, and resistant to stains and plaque.

EZCrowns are natural and are made completely of biocompatible Zirconia, which won’t irritate your child’s mouth and gums. Unlike other restorative options, no metal is present. EZCrowns are made to last and have over a decade of reliable results.

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Changing Lives Testimonials

Real stories from parents who've been in your shoes and chose Zirconia EZCrowns for their child. Read real stories from parents who've experienced their child receiving zirconia crowns.

Our Story

In 2004 our CEO’s three-year-old son, John Paul, slipped in the shower breaking all four front teeth. To make the experience even more traumatizing, no durable, natural-looking white crowns existed for kids at that time.

The stainless steel silver crowns with white facings on the front just kept chipping off. After dozens of dental visits, there simply had to a be better option, but none was found. Thus, the decision to launch Sprig was conceived, and we proudly introduced the world’s first pediatric Zirconia crown in 2010.

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