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Parent Resources 2021

When your child has cavities, as a parent it can be scary, overwhelming. What do I do when my child has ten cavities? This is where EZCrowns come in. They’re a healthy, biocompatible solution to damaged or decayed teeth. Biocompatible means that they won’t irritate the mouth or gums. You, as a parent, can be sure that you child will have crowns that will last until their baby teeth fall out. 

Why restore baby teeth? If a child needs a crown when they’re four years old, they have to live with that crown for about eight years. If the tooth is just extracted, it can cause the spacing of the teeth to be ruined — leading to crooked teeth. Luckily, Sprig has the resources you need to restore your child’s smile. 

This webpage features six real stories – Aria, John Paul (our CEO’s son), Sam, Ella, Elijah, and Kenzie. 

Aria – Growing up with eight silver crowns, Aria’s mom knew she didn’t want that for her daughter. Aria loves to smile so her mom sought out the best possible option when she found out Aria had cavities. 

John Paul – Our CEO’s son, John Paul, broke all four front teeth after a slip in the shower. At the time there were no completely esthetic options available, so we created EZCrowns! 

Sam – EZCrowns gave Sam the confidence to talk to his sweetheart at school. EZCrowns blend into his natural teeth and boosted his self-confidence. Sam is often called “fancy looking”. Sam has a number of unique and special qualities. He is an exceptional patient and brings joy to everyone in our office when we see his name on the schedule. He presented with decay on the mesial surfaces of his primary first molars. Sam is well mannered and was able to tolerate all his treatment (which included placing two posterior EZCrowns) under local anesthesia and nitrous oxide/ oxygen supplementation. 

Ella – Ella’s mom was only given one option – silver crowns. She knew there had to be a healthier, more beautiful option. She researched alternatives and found EZCrowns! 

Elijah – Elijah is proud of his EZCrown smile. In fact, he’s excited to show off his EZCrowns after having 13 baby teeth restored. 

Kenzie – Kenzie might not speak a word, but her bright smile speaks volumes! EZCrowns meet her many medical needs and give her a voice. One patient and her mom have helped me realize the answer to my “Why?” question. Kenzie and her mom, Amy, came to my office for a new patient consult in 2015. Kenzie is an adopted child from China who has been diagnosed with Sjorgren Larsson Syndrome, an unknown brain injury, epilepsy, poor muscle tone requiring a wheelchair, and other special healthcare needs.  

Amy knew that Kenzie had decay on her front teeth, but treatment had been put on the back burner, given all her other medical conditions. At first, Amy was hesitant to approve extensive treatment or general anesthesia, so I attempted slow-speed excavation and glass-ionomer restorations to buy us some time. Those restorations lasted about a year.  

About that same time, Amy noticed spontaneous gingival bleeding occurring and worried that Kenzie still was not eating much textured food by mouth. She came to me seeking advice and was now ready for more definitive treatment to be done, if needed. Kenzi received several medical consults, and most of her doctors recommended extractions of her teeth to eliminate the decay. She was referred to a children’s hospital where they recommended either full-mouth stainless steel crowns or extractions.  

Amy was not happy with these options. Kenzie may not be able to talk, but her mom knew that her daughter—always happy and smiling—definitely communicates with her beautiful smile. What would pulling her teeth or replacing them with silver crowns do to that special smile? 

parent resources 2021